Sunday, August 10, 2008

County Fair

We visited our county fair on it's last day. I hate to admit it but we went mostly because of the food :)

We didn't even go near the carnival rides. Hope had so much fun riding on the pony rides. She was so serious when she was on the pony's back and as soon as she was off she wanted to go again.

The animals were a lot of fun...The baby pigs were so cute... Mama pig... just laid there sleeping.

Hope didn't want to leave the miniature horse... They were so cute and they would come right up to be petted.
I was surprised at how brave she was when she was watching the draft horses. She was barely as tall as their knees:)

I am glad we went... It brought back a lot of memories of being little.


Simone said...

I love the fair. We went to my first demolition derby and it was a very satisfying experience in a primal kind of way. :)

henny said...

Oh..I love the pony. Hope is so brave to stay very close to it. The city fair here is just like bazaar, everyone sells everything. Doesn't give much fun for kids. I don't like it.

i'm kelly said...

gotta love the fair!