Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Rid of Clutter

Hope has been gone for five days and I thought I would sew and sew and sew.... However, I made one outfit and realized that it wasn't as fun to sew when she wasn't here to try things on. Things don't look the same on the hanger:)~

So I decided to go on a massive throwing & cleaning out spree instead. So far I have gotten rid of this much clutter (not including the bags and bags I threw out in the trash bin.) I even took apart my bed and cleaned and vacuumed under it. When I cleaned under Hopes bed I found a large collection to gummy bears that had hardened like rocks...

I am going to continue on today and tomorrow... It feels so good... I don't know why I let clutter build up so much...


henny said...

sometimes for really cleaning the house and get rid of the clutter I also need a 'special' mood to move my hands and keep shut my mouth from grumble to myself :)
I always surprised whenever I finished the cleaning, how could I keep so many clutter before and I couldn't see?

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I agree with Henny, I think I don't have time to clean up and then when I spend hours doing something I could have done little by little... I think to my self and why didn't I take the two minutes?

Thanks for sharing your post with me! I"m going to link it to my blog tomorrow!

Suzanne said...

Hello I have just popped over from Hennys blog. Clutter can happen easily when you have a family in the house. I dont like clutter, but my house is full of it. Sometimes the clutter is there because you spend time with your family and clutters not a prioriety.
A good clean up does indeed free your head though.

dana said...

Adorable dress. But you're right...not as fun without your little model.
I'm impressed with your cleaning spree. I've been wanting to do that forever. Maybe I should have my husband take the kids somewhere for an entire Saturday.
I hope your finish everything you set out to accomplish this week!