Monday, September 8, 2008

Postal Presents From My Friend Henny

I had the most wonderful present come in the mail from my friend Henny from Indonesia. It was two beautiful pieces of Batik fabric from her country. I can't wait to make some wonderful things with them. They are so pretty.

The blue is a printing batik fabric is called “batik cap” (printed by the machine.) The flowers on it are so cheery and happy. I want to make something for both Hope and myself out if.

The grey fabric is a “batik tulis”, it means someone really draw the motif by hand in a cotton fabric. The grey one is positively gorgous. It is hard to show how detailed it is. I plan to make something only for myself because I want to treasure the fabric forever :)

Henny was so sweet and wrote out how to care for each piece of fabric. Which I am so glad she did so that I don't harm it.

Even the bag that the material came in was interesting to Hope who wanted to store her treasures in it.

She also included the prettiest bookmark. I had to store the bookmark up high because Hope ran off with it as soon as she saw it. She called it "treasure." It really is... The gold embossing makes it all shiny and sparkling.

Best of all she sent me the cutest little notecard that she had quilled herself. She is so incredibly talented. I love this card so much. It is so cheery and I love to look at it when I am sitting at my desk.
I love that we met in blog land. It would be so wonderful if she could come to visit. I would love to laugh with her about how much we have in common, even though we live so far apart.
Henny has two wonderful blogs. One is about fun things like crafts and things she likes and the other is all about family and kids.

Thank you Henny... It really is the sweetest kindest thing ever... <_>

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Simone said...

What great presents. My Dad is from Indonesia and every time he goes to visit his siblings I ask him to bring me back some fabric. To preserve the shopping bag, you could fuse it by adding some layers of clear plastic (I use clear recycling bags) and then sew something, like a little wallet out of it. This is the link to the fusing instructions: