Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Pink Cast

I haven't blogged or read blogs in weeks... When Hope went on a trip with daddy she fell and broke her elbow... I have been driving back and forth to the doctor which is an hour away... She will be getting off her cast in the beginning of October. It is amazing how something so small can disrupt the way a family works.
Hopefully this week I will get back to blogging and sewing. I can't wait to see what I have been missing :)


dana said...

Fun to see you back online. That picture of Hope is adorable. Sorry the cast has been turning the routine upside down for you. That's always hard.
Your friend is so cute for sending that gift. I LOVE her card also. You're right, it is super cheery.
Hope to see some of your creations soon!
- dana

henny said...

Glad to see little Hope is getting well and see her smiley face and glad to know you're back:)
Shelly, thank you for your posting about the gift, but I think you don't have to put my picture in it, I feel a little "embarrased" you know...
So big...
Shelly, oh Shelly....hahaha..

Unknown said...

So sorry about little Hope. Isabel took a fall too this week, I feel for you!