Monday, June 30, 2008

Basket Remodel

I have a weakness for orphan baskets... Baskets that have had hard days and been tossed aside... I found this one at our Goodwill... and my boys thought I was crazy... The pictures don't show how dirty it is, but the plastic cover on the gingham is filthy... They were also concerned that I hadn't "noticed" the missing lid...

I noticed the missing lid and the cat chewed handle... but it was only $1.99 and I couldn't pass it by... I could see how useful it could be with a little remodel.
(Cat Chewing)

(Half a lock... clearing pointing to the fact that it was missing a lid)
The first thing I did was remove the old cover and then the half a lock... Look at how they held the little lock on... brads that look like rivets. (Isn't that clever.)
I cut apart the cover to form a pattern. That way I could make a new lining...
I already had this white fabric... so I decided I would use it to line the basket... I have a hard time chosing a print when I know something is going to serve a useful purpose. I am always worried that I will grow tired of a print over time...

I sewed up the four side seems and tried it on the basket... Even though I used the original as a pattern the new cover seemed a bit small. At first I was going to make a ruffle... and so I cut strips of fabric to gather... I changed my mind about a ruffle and decided I would just make a turned edging instead.
(Oh my, my ironing board is icky and needs a new cover... it is amazing what you see when you take a photo of something you look at everyday.)
After I removed the gathering, I realized the fabric I chose really had the tendency to fray... But with a completely finished edge it won't matter, no matter how much use the basket gets.

Ta Da... it is finished and ready to start a new life... Don't pass by that ugly basket... it could turn into a wonderful addition to your storage...

Roosters-N-Rickrack Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!

Look at the next cute giveaway that Kathleen is having on Grosgrain! I want to win this for Hope so bad... it is so cute....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

From T-Shirt to Capri Pants

I have been toying with remaking clothes out of old clothes and this is my first attempt to turn an old T-shirt into a pair of capri pants for Hope. I used a simple Little Vogue pattern.

I decided to cut it a bit longer so I placed the cuff of the pattern on the bottom of the shirt. This saved time on having to hem the bottoms... They were really easy to sew together...

They turned out well... However, I didn't realize she had grown so much since last winter, so they are too small in the torso area ... All in all, I will be making a lot more with a larger pattern. This would be a really good way to make little capri pants for babies and small toddlers because a pattern would easily fit on most size t-shirts or sweat shirts:)
P.S. Look how messy my sewing area is... I think it is time to clean and organize... How does it get messy so fast:)~

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cabin Fever

Help... We need ideas of things to do....
My family is getting cabin fever... We have been staying indoors because we have a lot of smoke from the many forest fires nearby. The smoke has been so thick it is like fog and we haven't had sun in almost a week. I know we shouldn't complain because we aren't victims of the fires or fighting the fires... But we are going nutty staying in the house... even in the rain and snow we go outside... so this is a big change for us... I think it is hardest on Hope, who loves to play out on the patio in the evenings... she misses her sandbox... We need ideas for bringing in that outdoor feeling... What would you do to bring some nature to the inside...

Serious Dirt Lover!

(Last years camping trip... Talk about dirty)

Strawberry Quart Caplet with Simple Sailing Frock

Kathleen at Grosgrain is so talented... Look at this little caplet that she is giving away in a giveaway... It is darling... I think I am becoming a cape addict... I am already working on another royal cape for the princess... but I think she would look so cute in this little caplet :)~ Kathleen is so talented... You really need to check her blog out :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Princess Riding Hood....

Hope has been wanting me to make her some princess clothing. I have started creating the patterns for the first dress... but in the meantime I made her a new Princess Riding Hood based loosely on a design that I found on Teresa Franco Design's Post for a hooded cape

I changed it quite a bit...because I wanted to line the hood... and I wasn't entirely sure how it tied on so I just made it work as I went...

Now she is being very dramatic in her new cape...

I guess I will have to hurry up and get more costumes finished... so she has a full outfit...

I won...

I can't believe I am the winner of a beautiful mixed art painting... I am so excited... It is beautiful. Anna from Three Sneaky Bugs had a giveway to celebrate her 100th post... The painting is so lovely... I am such a lucky girl... Thank you Anna...
I love all the creative ideas that Anna has on her site... I get so many ideas of things to try... I always look forward to reading her posts....

(Isn't it beautiful...)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Deep Dark Secret

Okay it is time for a confession... that I am only telling you... so shhhhhhhhh... Don't tell anyone around here...

(Brownie Bite Failures)

There are times when I am asked to bring some sort of baked good and either my first idea didn't turn out... or I run out of time. When this happens I resort to my... Secret Friend.. Little Debbie and her brownies...
I am not sure when I started to do this... but it was a LONG... time ago... I buy several boxes of Little Debbie Brownies and cut them up in a really cute way... and either package them in a really cute way... or if I am taking them to a party I put them on a pretty plate or dish...
(Secret Brownie Bite Treasures)
No one has ever asked or figured it out... At least they haven't said so... and I don't have quiet friends, they would mention it if they knew. When people say they were good... I smile and say "thank you." They usually are all eaten by the time it is time to go home... so next time you need a fast party food or gift... Try it... It really works...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who me? A Hippie? Me?

OK, I May Be An Ex-Hippie;

At the time I didn't know... I was... In fact a hippy (now I am called green,)Until today when someone pointed it out to me and then supported his claim with proof... Even my kids knew.

Why didn't anyone tell me before? I always saw myself as, courious and sensible... more of a pioneer...

50 Signs Pointing to the Fact it Could Be True I was a Hippy...

The fact that I grew up in Nevada County in the 70s
  • I know how to grind my own wheat and make my own bread.
  • Was a former card member of Le Leche League.
  • Taught all my children how to can their own fruits and veggies and jam.
  • I have raised ducks and chickens and eaten the eggs.
  • I have worn a denim jumper. (Please don't tell anyone.)
  • I have owned a horse.
  • I have milked a goat and have drank the milk (Ew...what was I thinking?)
  • I have made yogurt.
  • I have made my own peanut butter.
  • I have picked blackberries on the side of the road.
  • I know who Carla Emery is.
  • I like Carly Simon.
  • I have had a VERY large collection of canning jars.
  • I have made my own candles.
  • I have made my own soap.
  • I like to camp.
  • I have cut my own firewood.
  • I know how to make granola.
  • Some of my children wore cloth diapers.
  • I was a vegetarian for more then 3 years.
  • I shop at a health food store on a regular basis.
  • I have used many herbal remedies.
  • I love daisies.
  • I used to have a basket collection.
  • My children grew up watching PBS.
  • I know how to fish.
  • I love tofu.
  • I invented my own smoothie recipe.
  • I have loved every peasant blouse that I have ever seen, even though I cant wear them.
  • I have grown my own sprouts. (all types)
  • I have had my own organic compost pile.
  • I have raised far too many zucchini and tomatoes.
  • I have owned a dehydrator and made my own fruit leather.
  • My brothers raised their own pot to earn money for to pay for their dirt bikes.
  • I have worn my hair in braids too many times.
  • I have owned a woody station wagon.
  • I played around with home schooling my children.
  • I collected insects, raised them and bred them.
  • I know how to quilt.
  • I forced my family to eat only whole grains.
  • I have made my children matching clothing when they were young.
  • I have more then 2.5 children. (I have 5 total)
  • I have a child that plays the harp.
  • I have a love for llamas (does this make me a llama mama....No...I do however own a large bag of llama fiber waiting to spun into yarn...)
  • I can crochet and knit.
  • I like to recycle. (My son now is a major recycler and finder in the trash... I need to do an entire post on him and his finds... It is truly amazing what people throw away.)
  • I love to make bran muffins.
  • I gave up sugar for honey and ground dates for a few years.
  • I have handpicked all the tomato hornworms out of my garden so that I didn't have to use pesticides.
  • I have owned more then one Tye-dyed item.
  • Most of these things are still the same today... and perhaps to a larger extent... I would say people would call me green or environmental minded. I

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Help Me and My Piece of Wood

    I love a stray piece of wood. I have several... However this is a big one...

    I always see so much potential in almost any piece of useable wood. Knowing this, one of my older sons, Gregory drug this lovely, heavy, piece of plywood. At first it was in the entry way... then I put it near the sliding door leading to the back porch...
    Then I got the idea of applying Gesso on it and turning it into a wall painting. The only thing that has kept me back so far is that it is very heavy and hanging it might be a bit of a chore.
    Resently I have placed it on a long card table I have so that I can spray paint some of the things that are in need of transformation.

    (Spray Paint Table)

    Under the spray paint table has turned into a cave/house.

    I am still no closer to knowing what to do with my wooden treasure...
    What do you think???I really need suggestions...
    The wood needs to become something or go to a new home...

    Aliens Growing in My Kitchen

    It wasn't that long ago... that I read somewhere to let your kids grow a sweet potato plant in a mason jar. It just so happened that I had a volunteer sweet potato on my cake plate stand where I keep lonely fruits and veggies. It had already started to sprout leaves. So I figured we would see what happened... At first it was so fun to see the roots grow... We could almost see them growing each time we walked into the kitchen... The plant took also wanted me to water it each time I was in there... It was amazing how much water a growing plant uses...

    Now the sweet potato is very large and turning into a vine. I am not sure what to do with it next... I don't know what I was thinking would happen, but now it seems like the sweet potato vine is taking over and influencing other plants to sprout... Look at my onions....

    And now I have a potato that wants to be grown too... Either way... We have had lots of fun growing our little kitchen alien... Maybe we will try carrots next...

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Little Chef Hat for My Little Chef

    I made Hope this little Chefs Hat.

    She wears it when she cooks or works in the kitchen. It helps keep the hair out of her eyes. Her pony tail pokes out the back of the hat...

    I love how cute she looks in it...

    I Almost Missed Fathers Day

    Somehow I wound up thinking Fathers Day was a week later then it actually was, so when Saturday rolled around and I realized it was happening the next day. I kicked into gear. We are on a really tight budget so I wanted to do something that didn't cost anything, but yet said "I love you Daddy."

    So here is what we came up with...

    Hope loves to paint so she painted him a rock for his desk at work... She cracks me up because she likes to repaint things over and over, so the color is constantly changing... So eventually I stopped her and we let it dry...

    She put stickers on it. Then I glued felt on the bottom. I didn't want it to scratch his desk at work.

    Every year since Hope was born I have made a print of her foot for Daddy on Father's day... Her foot is getting to be so big. I can't believe how much she has grown.

    We baked a brownie... The little chef really believes in sprinkles.

    I took pictures of the process and then made a single photo collage at our Kodak Kiosk. (Total cost of picture 32 cents)

    All in all, it turned out perfect... It just made me realize how it is the thought that counts...