Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who me? A Hippie? Me?

OK, I May Be An Ex-Hippie;

At the time I didn't know... I was... In fact a hippy (now I am called green,)Until today when someone pointed it out to me and then supported his claim with proof... Even my kids knew.

Why didn't anyone tell me before? I always saw myself as, courious and sensible... more of a pioneer...

50 Signs Pointing to the Fact it Could Be True I was a Hippy...

The fact that I grew up in Nevada County in the 70s
  • I know how to grind my own wheat and make my own bread.
  • Was a former card member of Le Leche League.
  • Taught all my children how to can their own fruits and veggies and jam.
  • I have raised ducks and chickens and eaten the eggs.
  • I have worn a denim jumper. (Please don't tell anyone.)
  • I have owned a horse.
  • I have milked a goat and have drank the milk (Ew...what was I thinking?)
  • I have made yogurt.
  • I have made my own peanut butter.
  • I have picked blackberries on the side of the road.
  • I know who Carla Emery is.
  • I like Carly Simon.
  • I have had a VERY large collection of canning jars.
  • I have made my own candles.
  • I have made my own soap.
  • I like to camp.
  • I have cut my own firewood.
  • I know how to make granola.
  • Some of my children wore cloth diapers.
  • I was a vegetarian for more then 3 years.
  • I shop at a health food store on a regular basis.
  • I have used many herbal remedies.
  • I love daisies.
  • I used to have a basket collection.
  • My children grew up watching PBS.
  • I know how to fish.
  • I love tofu.
  • I invented my own smoothie recipe.
  • I have loved every peasant blouse that I have ever seen, even though I cant wear them.
  • I have grown my own sprouts. (all types)
  • I have had my own organic compost pile.
  • I have raised far too many zucchini and tomatoes.
  • I have owned a dehydrator and made my own fruit leather.
  • My brothers raised their own pot to earn money for to pay for their dirt bikes.
  • I have worn my hair in braids too many times.
  • I have owned a woody station wagon.
  • I played around with home schooling my children.
  • I collected insects, raised them and bred them.
  • I know how to quilt.
  • I forced my family to eat only whole grains.
  • I have made my children matching clothing when they were young.
  • I have more then 2.5 children. (I have 5 total)
  • I have a child that plays the harp.
  • I have a love for llamas (does this make me a llama mama....No...I do however own a large bag of llama fiber waiting to spun into yarn...)
  • I can crochet and knit.
  • I like to recycle. (My son now is a major recycler and finder in the trash... I need to do an entire post on him and his finds... It is truly amazing what people throw away.)
  • I love to make bran muffins.
  • I gave up sugar for honey and ground dates for a few years.
  • I have handpicked all the tomato hornworms out of my garden so that I didn't have to use pesticides.
  • I have owned more then one Tye-dyed item.
  • Most of these things are still the same today... and perhaps to a larger extent... I would say people would call me green or environmental minded. I


    Unknown said...

    Hi there,

    Thanks for commenting on

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    naomi said...

    hey, thanks for your message on my blog. I love your hippie list! I think I too could qualify, looking at some of the requirements. Although I would never class myself a hippie, I realise that a lot of the back to basics stuff I do (like grinding wheat, making yogurt) are seen as very alternate by others.

    feistyurchin said...

    OK, so I can ditto about 75% of those things. The only exceptions on your list are child related (because I have none). These days I think there's quite a bit of hippie going on but now it's not so 'far out'. I come from the land of hippies though, so I'm biased.

    Anonymous said...

    Heavens! I must have been a hippy too! Although I think I prefer the term "Earth Mother".

    However, after careful study in the full length mirror, "Hippy" may just be more accurate.

    TX Poppet at Canned Laughter

    Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

    Well, I ticked off 17 of your 50 that I've done as well. I'm sure I could come up with another 32 similar attributes as well. The funny thing is our "hippie"ness is starting to become popular.

    All I can say to that is it's about time!