Saturday, June 28, 2008

From T-Shirt to Capri Pants

I have been toying with remaking clothes out of old clothes and this is my first attempt to turn an old T-shirt into a pair of capri pants for Hope. I used a simple Little Vogue pattern.

I decided to cut it a bit longer so I placed the cuff of the pattern on the bottom of the shirt. This saved time on having to hem the bottoms... They were really easy to sew together...

They turned out well... However, I didn't realize she had grown so much since last winter, so they are too small in the torso area ... All in all, I will be making a lot more with a larger pattern. This would be a really good way to make little capri pants for babies and small toddlers because a pattern would easily fit on most size t-shirts or sweat shirts:)
P.S. Look how messy my sewing area is... I think it is time to clean and organize... How does it get messy so fast:)~

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Unknown said...

Okay, the hippie list got a little too embarrassing for me so I had to stop. Yes, I was a tofu maker in college and set off the fire alarm in the process of making it. And I think it's cool to recycle clothing. You may also want to check out the cute dolls book review on the Crafty Daisies blog from early June.
I used t-shirts to make those cuddlies. Glad you stopped by our blog. --Simone